How to Make a Minecraft Processor

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If you’ve ever wanted to own a real-life computer, you can learn how to make one in Minecraft. These DIY computers can be potent and feature the latest technology. These computers include Chungus 2, Vega 11 iGPUs, and 256 bytes of RAM. You can even program them using assembly and upload them into the Minecraft version. These computers are powered by Redstone so that you can avoid slow, laborious wiring.

Chungus 2

The Chungus 2 is an artificially-accelerated processor for Minecraft. This simulated eight-bit processor runs at one-hertz clock speed and has 256 bytes of RAM. It uses the Minecraft physics engine to simulate the structure of real processors. This processor can play basic 2D games and affect objects such as Redstone dust, torches, and pistons. It comprises various components, including a custom CPU, memory, and RAM.

The Chungus 2 processor was built by a Minecraft player called Samurai. It’s not the first 8-bit microprocessor but the most ambitious. The chip has a three-operand RISC processor and a display. The chip runs at one Hz, which is equivalent to the speed of a 20-story building in real life.

Vega 11 iGPU

The AMD Vega 11 GPU is one of the most efficient and price-friendly options for gamers who want high-functioning graphics. It comes as a part of the AMD R5 3400G CPU. Its minimum RAM requirement is 2GB, while 4GB can offer maximum capacity when playing Minecraft at maximum settings. Adding 8GB of RAM can also increase your gaming experience by reducing loading times and delivering a more immersive experience.

The Vega 11 iGPU has two main rivals in the market today: Intel’s UHD and AMD’s Vega. Both companies make integrated graphics processors, but AMD’s is much more powerful than Intel’s. Both companies have various options for different budgets, including lower-cost entry-level builds.

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While Radeon Vega 11 is outstanding for gaming, multiplayer games have better choices. The Vega 11 doesn’t support 1080p resolution. The iGPU has a lower FPS than other high-end gaming options. This is because it can only help up to half of the games’ resolution at high settings.

256 bytes of RAM

It took Sammyuri seven months to build his CPU, the Chungus 2, for the game. This incredible computer processor has 256 bytes of RAM and runs at a blazing 1 hertz. While it isn’t a speed demon, it is more than enough to run basic applications.

The Minecraft fandom created a tutorial that details the step-by-step process of building the Minecraft computer. This 8-bit processor may be the most complex and most extensive in scale ever. It also uses a physics engine to simulate electrons and can be controlled using a game controller.

This simulated 8-bit processor has 256 bytes of RAM and a clock speed of one hertz. It uses the Minecraft physics engine to emulate a real processor. Redstone dust, pistons, torches, and repeaters are just a few features you can use on this processor. If it were a real computer, it would be about the size of a cruise ship!

Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)

Minecraft players are building more than memories; they’re also creating a 16-bit Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) made of Redstone, a fiery substance with the ability to carry a charge. After completing the ALU, the player waits for the binary digits to light up.

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ALUs are critical to the operation of a computer, as they perform various functions. In addition to addition and subtraction, they can complete multiplication, division, and shift operations. They’re built with one or more gates and utilize a particular algorithm for each of their 16 logic operations.

The ALU is a core component of the CPU. It performs arithmetic operations on binary numbers and also performs logical processing. It is the building block of arithmetic logic circuits. It was introduced into computers in the 1970s and is used to perform multiplication, division, and addition. ALUs can also perform NAND and NOR operations.


A Minecraft builder has created a Word-size processor for the game, complete with a monitor and keyboard. The builder spent nearly two years building the device and plans to expand its capabilities. The Minecraft processor uses the same technology as a real computer, using Redstone material to transmit binary signals.


A CPU built for Minecraft is a tiny and powerful component that simulates the structure of real processors. The CPU in the game is made from several parts, including Redstone dust, repeaters, pistons, and levers. Each block measures a virtual meter on each side. This makes it challenging to fit a CPU into a Minecraft world.

A CPU built for Minecraft is more potent than a graphics card. Although you can play Minecraft on a mid-range or low-end CPU, high-end settings require a powerful GPU. An optimized GPU will enable you to run shader mods and enjoy detailed gameplay. A powerful CPU will also help boost gameplay speed and prevent pixelated images.

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To maximize your gaming experience, choose a CPU with good single-core and multi-core performance. AMD Ryzen 3 3100 processor offers the highest performance in single and multi-core games.


This Minecraft processor can own its RAM, unlike a traditional computer processor. It can run simple applications with a clock speed of one hertz and 256 bytes of RAM. The Chungus 2 is a fascinating example of a processor built for the game.

For the best gaming experience, you should have a CPU with a minimum of two gigabytes of RAM. Generally, a pre-built PC will have more than 2GB of RAM, but if you want to build a custom PC, choose a processor with at least that much memory.

Design objectives

One of the most important things to consider when building a computer for Minecraft is memory. A processor must have enough memory to store all the necessary data to perform calculations and run games. This means it should be able to perform operations on maps of different sizes. Traditionally, computers use 256 by 256 blocks of memory for computing operations. However, more memory means that it will take more time to run specific tasks and that the computer will be more significant.


A Minecraft player called Sammyuri has constructed an 8-bit processor using a computer chip called the “Chungus 2”. This processor is an utterly humongous computing unit and would be equivalent to the size of a 20-story building in real life. It is a stunning piece of technology.

The AMD Ryzen 3 3100 is the best processor for gaming, although it does not include an integrated graphics card. You’ll have to buy a separate GPU, but the multi-core performance is still better. The i3 10100 does not feature a dedicated GPU but is still a decent choice. It has a weaker Intel UHD 630 than the Vega 8 on the AMD Ryzen 3 3200G, but it should still be adequate for playing Minecraft at lower settings.

The CPU is a critical component of a gaming PC. Minecraft is incredibly CPU-intensive, which means it requires a high-end processor. As a result, the number of cores in your processor is significant. The higher the number of seats, the faster it can process complex assets.

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